You need material, supplies and utilities? We’d love to advise you and deliver what you need.

Supplies for the part: fibres / matrix / surface

Choosing the right type of fibre is crucial for the characteristics of your product. Furthermore, the delivery form affects your manufacturing process.
Which fibre do I need?
Carbon fibre / glass fibre / basalt / aramid / hybrid?

The different fibre types have diifferent mechanical, thermic, electric, chemical and optical characteristics. They also differ in price.

Which delivery form is the right one for me?
Roving- / fabric / sheets / structure / chips

Your manufacturing strategy influences your choice of the delivery form. Rovings are inexpensive and are extremely versatile, but they can also extend your manufacturing time. Sometimes multiaxial sheets or even 3D structures are a more cost efficient solution.

How can I reduce my material usage?
Rolled goods / pre-cut / pre-preg / semi-finished materials

You can purchase your fibres either by the meter or pre-cut according to your contour. With or without a matrix. Or even already cured as semi-finished materials, that you can insert into a mould right away.

Which resin is ideal for my component?
Epoxy / vinylester / polyester / silicone

In addition to the fibre, the matrix is the second part  that is crucial for the durablitiy and the characteristics  of your component. Maybe you even need a permit from an authority?

How is the surface of the component supposed to look like and how can it be made perfect?
Top layer / in-mould coating / subsequent coating

These are only three possibilities to optically enhance your component. Which one you choose depends on your manufacturing possibilities.

What other materials do I need?
  • additives
  • sandwich materials
  • force transfer elements


Apart from the actual supplies you need – depending on your manufacturing process – additional materials. Some of them are necessary, others facilitate your manufacturing process.

  • inlets and outlets
  • peel ply
  • beaker / buckets
  • sealing tapes
  • distribution fabric
  • foils
  • gloves
  • brushes / rollers
  • breathers
  • release agent
  • cloths
  • and more

Using the right consumables can reduce costs and speed up your manufacturing process.


Not all supplies are for single-use only. Among others, the following apparatuses, appliances and adapters are part of a basic configuration for a sound manufacturing:

  • drain taps
  • work surfaces / tables
  • lighting
  • dosage aids
  • resin trap
  • bearing systems
  • hose clamps
  • thermometer
  • vacuum pump
  • scales
  • tools
  • other supplies